XXV Ilves-3

Tündre-Lilli, Estonia 27.-29.04.2012


Welcome to the traditional 3-day individual o-event in Tündre-Lilli, Southwestern Estonia near to Latvian border. All orienteering-friends, from top athletes to amateurs are warmly welcome – there is a wide variety of courses in different lengths and levels.



Friday, April 27 16:00 Shortened classic distance
  16:00 WM21E short distance start
Saturday, April 28 11:00 Classic distance
Sunday, April 29 11:00 Classic distance

NB! Day 2 and 3 belong to EST-LAT League (excluding WM8NR, 10NR and M75).

Terrain and maps

The terrain was in usage first time on EOL OPEN 2011.

Mappers Kalle Kalm, Madis Oras, Sven Oras 2011. 25% of map area is first time in use.

Map scale 1:10 000 for all groups on all days. Map size A4.






WM 8, 10, 12, 14 3 EUR / day 4,5 EUR / day
WM 16, 18, 20 4 EUR / day 6,0 EUR / day
WM 60, 65, 70, M75 5 EUR / day 7,5 EUR / day
WM 21, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 8 EUR / day 12,0 EUR / day

Open cource 3 EUR /day

Supervisor Cource for free


Deadline for online (https://www.osport.ee) registration accompanied by bank transfer is April 9, 2012. Later registration is possible until April 20 2012 with extra fee (+50%). Entry fee must be paid to: Swedbank, Liivalaia 8, Tallinn 1540, account name: ILVES ORIENTEERUMISKLUBI, IBAN: EE302200001120086880, SWIFT: HABA EE2X.

Preregistration for Supervisor Cource is recommended. 
All bank charges must be paid by payer.

Punching system

Electronic punching system SPORTident is used in all classes; all SI-cards are accepted (inc. SI-8 and SI-9). Rent of SI-card: 1 EUR per day (3 EUR/ 3 days). In case of losing rented SI-card, the compensation charge is 30 EUR. 

Supervisor Course

We offer orienteering experience with supervisor from organizers without ranking. Beginners are going to course in groups. Size of group and exact start time for each group will be displayed in start lists. To cover distance takes max 1 hour. If someone prefer to go to course with own supervisor/guide then it will be solved similarly to open courses. Note! Guide who will participate in competition must follow fair play rules - supervisor course after own competition.

Rules for the competition

The SPORTident electronic punching system will be used.



Pre-start time is 2 minutes on each day. Runners will start from next to map.

Control are printed to the front side of the maps.

Start interval is 2 minutes. At the start signal the competitors may cross the start line, take the map and begin their course via the start control.

Late start. Competitors who arrive late to the start have to ask help from the start official. Starting later is possible until the last competitor will start.

Control time: 1st day – 2 hours, 2nd and 3rd day – 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Punching at the controls

Punching at the controls, by placing the SI-card into the hole on top of the control unit, the competitor will get a confirming visible and/or audible signal from the electronic control unit confirming the registration. The competitor is responsible for punching at the correct control. If the punch did not register the competitor must use the manual punch in the R-boxes on the map, R1, R2, R3 or into the edge of the map on lack of the reserve boxes. A lost SI-card will result in disqualification.



The finish time will be taken through a punch at the finish line. After the finish punch the competitor continues through the finish chute to another punch unit, where the information from the SI-card will be read out. Competitors, who have used manual punching, must inform the finish officials after emptying their SI-card. The hired SI-cards must be returned to a finish official as soon as they have been emptied on the last competition day. Result list with split-times will be given to competitors in finish area.

When a hired SI-card will lose, it costs 30 EUR.


Buffet will be with several menus at the event centre ONLY on Saturday and Sunday.

Child care: There is a kindergarten at the event centre.

Competitor maps: Competitor can leave finish area with own map after finishing. Fair play rules have to followed! 

Open courses:  3km(easy) and 5km (more technical) are every day from Start 2. SPORTident electronic punching and timing system will be used. Entry fee 3 EUR has to be paid at the competition office. The results of the open distances will be available on the next day; the result of day 3 will be available only on the homepage of OC Ilves. Open cources start on 1st day - 16:00-17:00, on 2nd  and 3rd day - 11:00-12:00.

Parking fee Parking is free.

Prizes: will be awarded according to 3 days total result. Number of prizes in each class depends on the number of participants in the class.

Results: Each competitor can take a result list with split times, leaving finish area. Provisional results will be displayed in the event centre during the competition. The official results will be displayed on the results board in the event centre at the next day, on 3rd day these will be displayed at the end of competition. Official results are available also in the event homepage http://www.okilves.ee/ilves3 at the end of each day.

Retrials: People who retire must go through the finish or inform the finish officials.

Shower: Outside shower with warm water.

Accommodation options Floor accommodations in Karksi-Nuia School.


1 night at gym 2,50€, for under 18 years 2,00-€
1 night at class room 4,00€, for under 18 years 2,10-€

Breakfast (on Sat, Sun morning) and supper (on Fri, Sat evening) can be ordered for 2€. Ordering is possible till April 20 by email hkpandis@gmail.com.


Event director: Margus Sarap

Course master: on 1st and 3rd day Madis Oras, on 2nd day Kalle Kalm

http://www.okilves.ee/ilves3, e-mail: ilves3@okilves.ee

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